A quick overview of how to create sustainable competitive advantages - from start to finish:

Define - every project begins with a series of questions to determine the business objectives for the site. The discussion continues and a set of user stories are prepared to ensure a relevant and useful customer experience is in place.  A set of requirement documents are produced to provide the project's team with a common understanding about the task at hand. That said, it is important to understand that these are strategic guides and we must constantly test our thinking and methodologies throughout the process.

 Design - with the development strategy in place,  the critical concepts of hierarchy, flow, function and space can be worked out. Central to our approach is a belief that the site's look and feel should also clearly inform the user as to how the site works.  

If your brand is already established, we apply your standards into the prototypes we build to test our approach. If a new identity needs to be developed, we will work with you to create an interface that distinguishes you as a unique and vital presence within the marketplace. 

Develop - this is where the heavy lifting occurs. If appropriate, a third-party content management system such as Wordpress, Shopify, or Squarespace may be used as the framework for the site. The advantage here is lower cost, speed-to-market and, if desired, the ability to maintain the site internally.  If business objectives dictate the need for a more customized site build, we can craft a flexible and resilient solution that works across all of today's modern browsers regardless of the end user's choice of digital device. 

Deploy - While the work is continually tested throughout the build, a final series of quality assurance tests are undertaken across all channels before the site is launched.  Once the site is live,  we help you analyze the data collected from the site's reporting software to determine if any modifications should be made.  Just as you make necessary adjustments to other vital areas in your business,  constant attention must be paid to how your users interact with the site to ensure the site meets their requirements and, more importantly, your goals. 

The ultimate goal: make the complex simple.  

Let's be frank, creating a web site that works to help you meet your business goals is a significant undertaking. To design and build a successful experience, you need to be smart about users, technology and the interactions in between.  

While we take this very seriously, we do everything we can to make this process a pleasure. Accuracy and a commitment to quality are important for success.  For us, so is being responsive, uncomplicated and friendly. It helps when you love what you do. 

Certainly you have some questions. Contact us today and we can discuss.